Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creativity used to Empower Cancer Patients

Kayaking for Cancer (http://www.kayakingforcancer.com/) has found a creative way to empower kids and adults who have been diagnosed with cancer through Kayaking.  An 8 day camp that allows participants to face the rapids head on and overcome fears; relating in so many ways to the diagnosis they have received.  The camp also allows them to interact, share stories, and see that all of them are in the same place; and have the same fears about their diagnoses.

I think this is a great creative way to to bring the community together and encourage those diagnosed with cancer to enjoy life; and get meaning all at the same time!

Final Thought...
    If you are or know someone that has been diagnosed with Cancer, check out the site; or if you would like to donate to help their cause you can on their site as well!

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