Saturday, November 24, 2012

Toys that inspire creativity

As you all know, I love to draw and be creative; and my youngest daughter has a slight spark for it as well.   Every year I try to find the coolest gifts that inspire her creativity.   The past few years I have come across a few gifts that I play with time-to-time myself ((lol)).

Santa brought the Crayon Maker (from Crayola) last year and we had a blast playing with that; melting all of the broken crayons done and seeing who could make the coolest crayon was really fun.

I love Crayola, they have been coming out with some of the most creative toys that expand the creativity in kids.  I wanted to get the sidewalk paint so bad, but could never find it on the shelf.  I have seen a few of the new toys advertise that they have come out with (or had already) for this year and I think the Marker Airbrush will definitely find its way on Santa's List this year!

Check it the video of the latest commercial...

Now tell me... It that cool or what!!

What are some creative toys that you have seen this year?

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