Monday, February 18, 2013

3D Software that allows us to create beyond what we ever believed possible!

  Technology today allows all types of ways that allow us to express our creativity!  I have become fascinated with 3D and building software programs over the past few years; it is amazing how much you can create and explore with them.

  I love being able to creative realistic characters, scenes, and much more; and the render feature really turns a scene into a life life creation. Although I am sure that there are many software products that allow you to do this, I haven't found but one that truly gives the realistic look; and that is Daz 3D.  The best part of this one is that it is FREE to download and create.  You can purchase addition items and scenes, but you don't have to.  However, it does take time getting used to the how some things work (at least it did for me), but it is well worth the fun you'll have in the long-run! You can go to  and you will see exactly what I am saying and just how awesome this software is too!

  Creating houses, buildings, and other things in 3D are possible with Google Sketchup 8.  This is also a FREE software that you can do amazing things with; however, it will also take some time to get the hang of.  The thing that I enjoy the most about Google Sketchup 8 program is the ability to capture scenes from Googl Earth and redesign them; and you can submit your design to Google and if approved it will be added to the map for anyone to see.  How cool is that!!??  You can see more about this on the download page at

There are many more products on the web that give us the tools to bring our visions to life (so to speak); and let us create things beyond what we ever thought we could!

What are your favorite 3D suites? Why do you love them?

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